Brno, 7th May 2018

Talpa Network is the company in which John de Mol Jr. has transferred all of its media activities. Talpa Network consists of Talpa Events, Talpa TV (including TV stations SBS6, Net5, Veronica and SBS9), Talpa Radio (including radio stations 538, Sky Radio, Veronica and Radio 10), Talpa Social (Social1nfluencers), Talpa Digital (including platforms KIJK, JUKE and VoetbalTV) and Talpa ECommerce (including web pages VakantieVeilingen, Actievandedag a Ticketscout). All of the parts are also supported by companies Talpa Media Solutions, Talpa Platform and Talpa Creative. This complex network makes the dutch multimedia company perspective partner for consumers, as well as for advertisers.

Hylke Sprangers, CTO Talpa Network:

Talpa Network is a full cross­media company in which technology plays a vital role. Part of our technology strategy is to develop tech IP for new content markets and the investment in Camvision with its innovative AI technology fits perfectly in that strategy.

Igor Potúček, co­founder Camvision s.r.o.:

Camvision sees a strong partner in Talpa Network, one which has the capability of accelerating our growth. We’re also happy that we’ve been selected as the premier technology partner for the new VoetbalTV platform as this allows us to advance our developments in AI computer vision technology.

The goal is to cover almost 750 pitches and stream live 80 000 matches per year. Users will experience our newest technology on their mobile phones, tablets and computers. Coaches and players from all parts of Netherlands will also take advantage of this huge platform for their analysis.

Camvison will continue to operate as an independent company in Brno, Czech Republic, under the leadership of its two co­founders Igor Potúček and Stanislav Sumec, but will now benefit from Talpa’s network and infrastructure to support its growth.

You can find the full press release on following link: Full press release