Please, tell us something about your background and what is your current position?

I studied Sport Science at the University of Vienna. During my graduation I started working for SK Rapid Vienna as Video analyst. In 2016 I moved to Salzburg where I was working for Red Bull Salzburg. 2019 I came back to Vienna as Assistant Coach at SK Rapid. Since August 2020, I am Head of Performance Analysis at the Austrian FA.

What are your main responsibilities?

As a Head of Performance Analysis, I am responsible for the analysts of our youth and women teams. Moreover, I take care of Innovation and Scientific development of the department. Last but not least I am the analyst of the National Team.

What does it mean for you to use Panoris and how did it change your job?

I think the Panoris technology has revolutionized the everyday work of an analyst. Instead of taking care about filming, you can actually do what you are supposed to do - to analyse. The perfect symbiosis of Hardware and Software allows you to deliver the highest quality even when it comes to half time analysis. Thinking about our match against Romania (HT 0:0, FT Romania 0:1 Austria), we presented animated scenes in half time. So instead of explaining the situation we could jump into analysing immediately.

How do you use Panoris technology and what are the features you use the most?

We are using it in training sessions as well as for our matches. In Training sessions, it is extremely helpful to capture every part of the field. Therefore, I can cover the Team Training as well as the Goalkeeper Training. In Matches we are using the system to tag live, share it via Panoris App with our coaches (who are tagging simultaneously) and present animated scenes in half time. Most important feature is to visualize player formations.

What would you say is the main advantage of Panoris?

That there is a mobile solution, automatic filming as well as calibrated pitches.

What is the future of technology in football?

I think Positional Data together with Artificial Intelligence. Machine based learning will give us a deeper insight into the game. Therefore, the integration of Positional Data is a key element in developing software. Moreover, Ghosting will allow to do simulations and use it / present it via virtual or augmented reality.